Merietta Oviatt

Workshops & Hiring Musicians:
Merietta has given workshops and Masterclasses throughout the United States. Please see a list of workshops offered below and fill-out the information form at the bottom of the page to learn more about workshops and masterclasses and/or to book Merietta.

Integrating Arts and Academics -
This workshop is designed to help educators in a school or community setting to integrate arts and academics. This presentation will demonstrate how to easily fit arts (including music, dance, drama, visual arts), technology, core/benchmarks together for both daily lesson plans as well as for a larger program to demonstrate your integration to administrators and parents.  It is more important now then it ever has been to show how arts and academics can be integrated to improve retention of information learned and to ultimately improve test scores. Integration is a must for educators in todays classrooms.
Merietta has presented this workshop at the American String Teacher's National Convention in Detroit as well as to the KIPP school's National Convention in Phoenix.

Behavior Modification: helping your students, their parents, and YOU!
Behavior modification is a technique used to increase or decrease the frequency of behaviors using positive (or negative) reinforcement. In this workshop, which is an excellent resource for studio teachers, classroom teachers, and parents alike; participants will learn what behavior modification is, how it works, and will learn how to implement it into their classrooms, studios, and homes. For behavior modification to work, one must begin by modifying themselves and how they view/deal with classroom or studio management and discipline.  This workshop will show you how to concentrate on the positive, control your environment, change the language you use with your students/children, and how this will vastly improve the entire learning environment.
Merietta studied behavior modification and classroom management while receiving her doctorate. She has successfully implemented the skills presented in this workshop in her own studio and classrooms as well as at a workshop given in Utah for the Uintah School of Music and the Arts.

Playing the Viola with comfort and without injury -
Too often violists get injured, and there is no reason for it.  In this workshop some basic anatomy will be taught so that we learn what is and is not connected, practicing tips and tricks will be presented so that one can comfortably learn a piece without pain, you will learn ways to prepare for and play a recital where anxiety levels can be minimized, and a general analysis of equipment will be done.  Most importantly, all participants will be taught the Zen viola practice session - the most relaxing, productive, and greatest practice session in my opinion. Merietta's work with Body Mapping, Tuttle Coordination, and experience in making this work for her students all come together to make this a relaxing and refreshing workshop for all!

Creating a healthy, fun, and educational environment for your teen...and tween... students -
How many times have you been teaching and seen the eye roll? Have you ever felt like they love their lessons, but nothing can compare to their soccer team or swim meet? In this interactive workshop teachers will learn how to have their music lessons and activities make their teens' top 5 list of great events and/or clubs. We will explore how to talk to parents about time management, learn easy ideas to make these kids have fun in your program, see how to get help running things while at the same time making your teens want to do more with your program instead of less, and more!  I have had great success with my teens and tweens in every program where I have taught.  The particular program where I work is no different! Within my first year our kids are becoming more involved and are bringing more of their friends into our program as a result. 

Hire a Musician:

Need a musician for your wedding, anniversary, holiday party, birthday? Or would you like to hire Merietta to perform a solo for your special event? No problem, we can help you! We can supply you with string quartets, harp and flute duo, guitarists, woodwind quintet, vocalists, solo violinists or cellists and more. We will do our best to get you what you want.

$125.00 per musician for first hour. $50.00 per musician for every additional hour.
$25.00 Booking Fee per event.

Some Basic Policies:
- Contracts are required for all booking services
- Musicians will dress in concert black unless otherwise specified. Particular dress codes may cause additional costs.
- Musicians must be treated with respect at all times.
- Musicians will take a 10 minute break for every hour of performance
- Continuous Music services will cost extra and will require special arrangements
- Every 30 minutes musicians are kept past contracted time will cost an additional $50.00 per musician per 30 minute overage.
- Special request music may cause an additional charge to cover music costs.

Please call 702-875-2986 or e-mail us at to book your event and obtain more information

Book Merietta for a solo recital / performance:
Prices may vary dependent upon venue and repertoire request.

- Solo performances with orchestra must include travel and food expenses. For a full list of available repertoire please fill-out the contact form below to request a press kit and repertoire list.